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Real-Life Rider Highlight: Omni Resort (Puerto Aventuras, Mexico)

Peace & Quiet in Puerto Aventuras

The “tour rider” or “backstage rider” is industry lingo for the “wish list” presented to venue management and promoters by most touring acts or celebrities, which details specifics on things such as stage lighting preferences, sleeping arrangements, and (most notably) green room / hotel room / dressing room must-haves. We’ve all heard tales of stars requesting, what we find to be perfectly reasonable things, such as Van Halen’s desire to have all brown M&Ms removed from premises or Metallica’s request for bacon to be served with every meal. In the real world, we tend to care a little less about the color of our candy and more about things like “feather-free rooms” or “a mini fridge for leftovers,” that is, until we can get away with requiring bathtubs be filled with Evian and our eggs come from chickens that are not only cage-free, but also worry-free, indulging in wholesome feed at whim, watching all the Comedy Central they desire…. Ahem…. Until then, this is where we highlight establishments that truly go above and beyond.


Real-Life Rider Highlight: Omni Resort (Puerto Aventuras, Mexico)

Best part of staying at a luxurious beach resort? In-suite Jacuzzis and plush bath robes, of course! Typically, there’s a (very minor) down-side to that when you have to make yourself presentable for an awkward room service delivery… but, not at this Omni. DayNightLine_July2014_SaraAbbas (1 of 26)

Boasting impeccable service and Quintana Roo’s finest coastal Caribbean view, this picturesque resort is situated practically inside the Puerto Aventuras dolphin reserve; if the idea of “extreme R’nR” isn’t enough to propel you into a state of vacation bliss, an incredible sense of peace (truly like no other) can be found here as well as wildlife galore, all within the supremely safe gated community of Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.

Ready for the best part? Wear whatever you want when they deliver your tropical fruit plate to your suite’s “Magic Box;” this clever delivery space (nestled conveniently above the fridge) was precisely designed for those of us who simply cannot pry ourselves from the hammock to answer the door until we finish the next chapter in this book, and it doubles as a trap door for your discards – entirely too smart!

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Real-Life Rider Highlight: Omni Resort (Puerto Aventuras, Mexico)

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