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Time Stoppers

  • Try a Trampoline Routine

    Try a Trampoline Routine

    When was the last time you were on a trampoline? Chances are, if you can recall any of the 80s, it’s been a long time… Luckily, we never forget how to leap in the air with all our might and giggle ourselves senseless when we’ve toppled over like wave-struck toddlers.       Besides the awesomely obvious…

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  • Try a Circus Workout

    Try a Circus Workout

    You don't settle for average friends, hobbies, or vacations... you have partners-in-crime, passion projects, and outrageous adventures! So, why settle for an average workout? Getting started: First, find a circus school or "aerial arts" facility in your area.Don't worry, there's more out there than you think! I can't say enough great things about Aerial Revolution…

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  • Try a “Destination Meditation”

    Try a “Destination Meditation”

          Break out of your usual get-away-from-it-all routine and make the effort to seek out a new peaceful spot for your next meditation. Sure, your back yard works, but why not spice it up once in a while by visiting a local (or non-local, depending on how ambitious you're feeling) self-realization space. If you're in…

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