September 25, 2018

… because it's crowded inside the box…

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About Us

We Need Space is your guide for life “outside the box,” encompassing everything from solo travel to career customizations, modern philosophies, healthy recipes, life-hacks, and other thought provoking, original content  for adventurous souls such as yourself… offers a refreshingly positive spin on self-love and Mastering the Art of Being Alone <3

Here’s a nutshell bio from our Founder / Editor In Chief, S. Abbas:

The “About Me” Haiku PF_Flares_18092012005210209


Quiet, mindful muse.

Listener, writer, lover.

Planning my escape.


…and a  short bio from your Co-Founder / Contributing Writer, Nora “The Explorer” Abbas:

I’m about to graduate from Florida Institute of Technology double majoring in Molecular and Pre-med Biology. I started with intentions of going to medical school and being as “successful” as possible, until halfway through when my life took a 180 and my definition of success changed. I started to view the world and my role in it in a whole new light, freeing EcuadorMedicineWomanme from the traditional lifestyle of school, debt, kids, mortgage, bills, etc. I still have a love for science and would someday like to focus my knowledge on epigenetics and how we can change our lives and genetic makeup just by our environment (nutrition, location, and mindset). Until I find my true calling, I spend my free time traveling the world, taking care of myself and those around me, and learning as much as I can to set myself up for a completely self-sustainable, resourceful lifestyle and hope to inspire others to take a step back and realize what’s really important.

Thank you so very much for visiting. We greatly appreciate your worldly presence!


  • Abdullah Al-Ansari

    I must say taking a decision like this really takes a lot of guts! But It seems so spontaneous and fun!! Wishing you the best in this =)

    • S. Abbas

      Abdullah Al-Ansari, your words and wishes are the fuel for this adventurous fire! Thank you so much <3

  • keith martinez

    I LOVE THIS! You are so dedicated, it shows in your work. There is NO “one size fits all” here!

    • S. Abbas

      Awe, somehow I’m just seeing this, and it made my heart smile 🙂 Thank you so much, Keith!! It means the world that you stopped by <3

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We Need Space is your guide for life "outside the box," encompassing everything from non-traditional travel to career customizations for adventurous souls such as yourself.
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