September 25, 2018

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  • JamaiCan We Move to Mo-Bay, Please?!

    JamaiCan We Move to Mo-Bay, Please?!

    Mother Nature has so generously blessed Montego Bay that it is best described as a “live postcard,” thanks to the world-class beaches, mountains and lush flora and fauna that grace the island. Add the effect of the trade winds, blue skies, and some of the most delightful people on this planet and you might find…

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  • Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Heart Broken

    Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Heart Broken

    “You want inspiration? Just go get your heart broken,” she said with an air of nonchalance…. So I did. And, it was exhilarating. But, never did I suspect that, casually over breakfast at The Cottage, we would tap into the source of some of life’s most significant inspirations. While reminiscing about my heart's greatest adventures,…

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  • Positive Vibes: A Fresh Perspective on “Party Friends”

    Positive Vibes: A Fresh Perspective on “Party Friends”

    Today I overheard a gut-wrenching conversation between two men bashing their “Party Friends.” And, although their needs (at that time) seemed to have been met by these friends, they did not seem to speak of them as though they were even real people. Why do “Party Friends” get such a bad rep? For the very…

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  • How To: Make Any Day Brighter

    How To: Make Any Day Brighter

    Having spent countless hours in convention centers and expo halls across the globe, I’m no stranger to having to put on a good show (and a fake smile) while having a crummy day. Undoubtedly, there are a number of ways to cope, but none of them seem to translate well for those who have to…

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  • Try a Trampoline Routine

    Try a Trampoline Routine

    When was the last time you were on a trampoline? Chances are, if you can recall any of the 80s, it’s been a long time… Luckily, we never forget how to leap in the air with all our might and giggle ourselves senseless when we’ve toppled over like wave-struck toddlers.       Besides the awesomely obvious…

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  • It’s Palau or Never!

    It’s Palau or Never!

    Everyone remembers their first… mine was in Palau. Not in a million years would I have ever imagined I’d end up rosy-cheeked and enervated, captive in my suite for the final days of an innocent family vacation. As if it happened only yesterday, I clearly recall him snickering, “is this your first?” My bashful nod…

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