September 25, 2018

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Nora The Explorer

I’m currently about to graduate from Florida Institute of Technology double majoring in Molecular and Pre-med Biology. I started with intentions of going to medical school and being as “successful” as possible, until halfway through when my life took a 180 and my definition of success changed. I started to view the world and my role in it in a whole new light, freeing me the tradition lifestyle of school, debt, kids, mortgage, bills, etc. I still have a love for science and would someday like to focus my knowledge on epigenetics and how we can change our lives and genetic makeup just by our environment (nutrition, location, and mindset). Until I find my true calling, I spend my free time traveling the world, taking care of myself and those around me, and learning as much as I can to set myself up for a completely self-sustainable, resourceful lifestyle and hope to inspire others to take a step back and realize what’s really important.



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Don’t Stop Belize-in’ : Epic Adventures Abound in Central America

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