September 25, 2018

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Ground-Breaking New Book, Supremely Being: Demystifying the Deep Cleansing Process

Supremely Being

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to my article, 5 Life-changing Tips to Lose Weight FAST, Kick-start Your Metabolism & Improve Thyroid Function, I was inspired to compose an informative book detailing exactly how I overcame a myriad of “life-long” health issues through deep cleansing; it’s called Supremely Being: Demystifying the Deep Cleansing Process, and I’m very proud to launch it today across multiple channels, including Amazon & Kindle!

Supremely Being: Demystifying the Deep Cleansing Process

I constantly found myself doling out advice to friends, family, and strangers alike – all wanting to know about how I stay in shape, and what I did to make my health problems disappear. After years of research, trial-and-error, and experiments with nearly every type of detox / cleanse / natural remedy on the market, I was finally fortunate enough to discover a method that worked wonders for my health and also that of those around me. The answer was a cleanse, The Cleanse, made successful by a unique combination of herbs, minerals, raw food, and the healing powers of your very own body.

You can find our more about it by going to, which also carries multiple eBook formats, or by following this link to find it on Amazon with paperback options, or Kindle options.

Inside Supremely Being, you will learn about The Cleanse, how to strengthen your immune system, balance hormones, improve your quality of life, and lose weight FAST through deep cleansing. Included with your purchase is an overview of ingredients, an informative guide to suggested natural herbs, a planner to help you schedule your cleanse throughout your day, and other helpful tools for achieving a supreme, healthy existence through total body detoxification. Thank you so much for your attention and your belief in positive outcomes, that’s a monumental step in the right direction! I look forward to assisting you on your journey to better overall health and hope you enjoy reading Supremely Being.

S. Abbas

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Ground-Breaking New Book, Supremely Being: Demystifying the Deep Cleansing Process

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