September 25, 2018

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Life Without Lyrics; Discover Amazing Ways to Improve Your Life by Changing Your Music

Life Without Lyrics, We Need Space

We are all in constant pursuit of personal evolution. In some way or another, we are always making adjustments (for better or worse) to affect changes that may ultimately improve our lives or the lives of others. I personally add and remove things from my life all the time in order to maximize my existence here on this magnificent planet (see also: negativity, gluten, relationships that do not serve me, etc.).

Over the course of many years, I have been continuously inspired by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research in Japan on the effects of words on water. He conducted decades of controlled experiments that involved speaking to water, then examining the molecular structure. Time after time, his studies revealed that water which was exposed to positive words and affirmations, such as “thank you,” would have more solid molecular structures and would form beautiful geometric patterns when frozen (imagine the most beautiful snowflakes you can picture in your mind and see examples of his work here). However, when water was exposed to negative words, such as “I hate you,” its molecular structure would weaken and would form chaotic formless shapes when frozen (imagine a scrambled channel on a black & white TV). We are made mostly of water, so these experiments resonated deeply within me. Learn more about the significance of the water within us here, some of this research is fascinating! There have also been countless studies conducted involving the effects of positivity and negativity in general on foods, animals, humans; it’s all very relative and can be quite fascinating.

With all of that in mind, I thought about the words in my life and their effect on my body, my consciousness, on the deep layers of my being. Whenever times get a little stressful or if it’s difficult for me to focus, my mind sometimes wonders to Tibet. I think of having no other words in life but those in my head; I daydream of spending time in a serene environment, perhaps in complete silence, just to re-center and prepare myself to fully take on the tasks ahead.

The Sound of Silence: There is something ultra-healing and introspective about no outside influence. You are not bound by the constraints of the thoughts of others. You are not compelled to feel inorganic emotions. And, you are not distracted by the chaotic worries and stresses of voices competing for your attention. Without words of others, you can just Be.

            But, all of this is fairly unrealistic for most of us in the Western World… We need to hear our loved ones, we need to listen to the needs of our clients, and we need to learn about what’s going on in our environment. Still, I thought to myself though; there must be a way to limit the outside influence, to cut back on what we hear (which has such a profound effect on our thoughts and realities). Then it hit me- music.

Life Without Lyrics, We Need Space

Music is an incredibly powerful force; it provokes moods, expresses emotions, it can quite literally create and atmosphere wherever we are. How important is all of this?  It’s monumental. Music is the language of the soul!

          However, not all of the music we hear is conducive to a positive, thriving / abundant reality. Rather than pick and choose what may or may not be “healthy” to hear, I simply decided to eliminate all lyrics from my life. In doing so, I aimed to learn more about the measureable subconscious effects of hearing fewer words and simply feeling more.

This was no easy task because I have music on from the moment I begin my day at home until I go to bed at night. I listen to music in the car, throughout the day while I work, in the gym, while I’m in the shower. Pop, R’nB, rock, EDM, soul, opera, jazz, show-tunes, classic rock, hip hop, and country- you name it, I probably listen to it at some point in my days.

Eliminating lyrics from my life seemed overwhelming at first, but the results blew my mind.

The Breakdown of Life Without Lyrics

Immediate Benefits (1-30 days):

  • Improved Focus & Clarity of Thought
  • Less Tension in My Body
  • More Alert
  • Improved Short-Term Memory

Long-term Benefits (60-90 days):

  • Stronger Intuition
  • Business Endeavors Sky-rocketed
  • Improved Sleep Patterns
  • Formed Stronger Bonds in Interpersonal Relationships (due to Improved Focus)

In some rare situations, listening to lyrics was unavoidable (certain social situations, restaurants, etc.), but I explained the experiment to those around me, and all were very curious and supportive! I embarked on this journey nearly four months ago, and (with the exception of a recent Lalah Hathaway concert and a few Uber rides), I have not really “gone back” to music with lyrics yet.

Again, I’m a music-lover, so rest-assured that my time has not been silent by any means! There is so much remarkable music out there that doesn’t have lyrics.

What Was on My Playlist?

Classical Music (favorites include: Vivaldi, Djvorak, Bethovevn)

Instrumental Music of all Generas (favorites include: Thomas Newman, and any sort of guitar / flamenco guitar, Strunz & Farah)

Soundscapes (think: spa / massage music like Enya, and ambient mood music)

Ethnic / World Music / Tribal (favorites include: Kygo, Ash Dargan, Delirium)

Instrumental Jazz (there’s an instrumental version of basically every song you can imagine – enjoy exploring this on your own)

House Music / Deep House / Groove (favorites include unique mixes and compilations like this)

While I cannot guarantee the results will be the same for you, it certainly cannot hurt to give it a shot. Or, at the very least, limit the negative or less-positive lyrics and other words in your life. There’s plenty of science to back it up, but no amount of journal-reading and report-analysis can compare to the immense satisfaction of personal experience. You’ll never know until you try…

Share your experiences in the comments below and enjoy every step of the journey!

S. Abbas

"About Me Haiku" - - - Quiet, mindful muse. Listener, writer, lover. Planning my escape.


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Life Without Lyrics; Discover Amazing Ways to Improve Your Life by Changing Your Music

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