September 25, 2018

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5 Days; Why 2-Week Vacations Are A Thing of The Past (And How You Can Have The Time of Your Life in Less Than a Week)

5 Days; Why 2 Week Vacations Are A Thing of The Past (And How You Can Have The Time of Your Life in Less Than a Week)

So often I would find myself thinking, “I’ll go when I have more time,” or “I’ll wait until the weather is better,” or some other reasonable excuse. Over the years, this escalated into an all-out brawl between my logical, responsible side and my sometimes-neglected, adventurous side. Evidently, the Voice of Reason has a little wanderlust herself; when will the stars align perfectly so that I may actually make those plans? Why on Earth do I need two weeks and an extra pile of money to do what feels right?! When have I ever let convention rule my reality? That thought alone was enough to bring me back to my senses; since then, I’ve promised myself to go for it when the feeling is right, not when I plan on everything being under control (because chances are it won’t be, and you’ll miss out on the excursion of a lifetime). I’m sure my fellow business owners and entrepreneurs can relate, we rarely, if ever, have two whole weeks to spare & months to plan anything, let alone a vacation…

The solution was simpler than I thought. Five days; think of it as a long weekend, plus two 😉 Anything is possible in five days.

    Long to climb Machu Picchu, traverse the ruins along the peaks, scale neighboring Huaynapicchu, and spend a peaceful night under the same stars our ancient Incan ancestors? All that and so much more is completely possible in 5 days! I was even able to explore the Peruvian countryside, hike the ruins of Moray, climb the ancient salt flats, enjoy coca leaf tea with the locals, eat some of the most incredible Peruvian cuisine & make plenty of new friends in the process. 5 days… That’s all it takes. And, even if you can’t completely disconnect for the whole time, you can still probably take care of enough “responsible” stuff via the intermittent WiFi while you’re nearly off the grid. Stop thinking you need extra time and extra money to make your dreams come true, and just go for it. Now. While you can, before something really gets in your way. Peruvian Spirit Quest: Machu Picchu & Beyond (A Breathtaking Pictorial of Peru)
Domestic travel is super easy, the “bucket list” type stuff is a little more involved, but completely worth it. Check out the possibilities from my Incan Spirit Quest in Peru, my Mayan Quest throughout the Yucatan Peninsula or another one of my favorite getaways, my Puerto Vallarta, Mexico getaway for some inspiration. I’ve also done solo jaunts to Venice, and romantic getaways to Paris in no time at all too… each a completely life -changing experience. And, each can be reasonably accomplished in five days, including travel time & downtime for reflection & relaxation.

The key to all of this will be not over-planning; that’s when the travel process can become overwhelming, sometimes cheating yourself out of priceless spontaneous excitement along the way.

      Don’t spend countless hours pinning junk on your vacay to-do list; that will only defeat the purpose of disconnecting and make it impossible for you to feel like you have enough time. The most important aspects will be planning travel to/ from, accommodations, airport transportation (where applicable, unfortunately there’s no Uber in the Andes!), and allowing space in the middle for flexible fun-seeking at your own pace. If you choose a remote locale, like Machu Picchu, where entrance is limited, you may need to reserve your spot in advance, but otherwise, most of these can be fairly spontaneous as well. Pick a destination or choose a couple major points of interest that aren’t too far from one another, estimate a slower work week, and put three of those Sick Days to good use already!!
You will know what to do when you get there. Incredible things happen when you open yourself up the universe and let the world around you show you a great time. When your new Italian friends invite you to crash a Prada runway show in a nearby Piazza, or a random Shaman invites you to t5 Days; Why 2 Week Vacations Are A Thing of The Past (And How You Can Have The Time of Your Life in Less Than a Week)he Full Moon celebration, you’ll be able to go with the local flow and have the time of your life.

There are a number of excursions one can take (from nearly any home base) that can be comfortably accomplished in five days. The intent of this is simply to nudge everyone to get out there asap.

Life is so very precious and can seem ever-so-short if you don’t spend your valuable time in the very best of ways.

                Please just reach out if you have a destination in mind and want help getting the wheels in motion. If you’re having trouble wrapping your hear around the “how” of all this, let me know the locations you’ve always wanted to visit and / or the things you’ve always wanted to see in the comments below, and we can figure out how you can make it happen in five days; ideally, fly out on a Wednesday, back on a Sunday or Monday & it’ll be as if you never left. I can’t say the process will be easy, but it’ll be more than worth it for the unforgettable cultural experiences and adventures. Besides, nothing beats the feeling you’ll get when someone asks about your weekend and you say, “oh, my weekend? It was great, thanks!” All the while, a million images of death-defying heights, gondola rides through breathtaking corridors, and faces of the strangers with whom you danced rush through your mind. Your secret is safe with me!

S. Abbas

"About Me Haiku" - - - Quiet, mindful muse. Listener, writer, lover. Planning my escape.


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5 Days; Why 2-Week Vacations Are A Thing of The Past (And How You Can Have The Time of Your Life in Less Than a Week)

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